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Body replacement parts

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:D I found a website and they show parts for Celicas and Celica Supras not much of anything for the back of the car but I think lots for the front of it.

I e-mailed them asking about making parts for the back of the car and shall see if they contact me or not. I told them about this site and how you guys and I loved these cars.perhaps Malloy or Quick or lots of people contact them about parts they might see theres money to be made, they might tool up to make other parts for us? I can only hope. Maybe if the timings right a group buy might work out?

This is my 2nd post here and if this isn't the right forum for this message or if it's been said before I need to know as I just wanted attension to let people know about this place.

Terry Again
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Thanks Terry for the link!!

Yeah, this should have gone in the restoration forum, but no prob, one of the admin's will move it eventually.
your link got edited... it was written, when it should be:

should work now, works for me :)
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