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Hey all,

Well, I've pretty much hit the wall on performance mods on my JZA-61. Anything more (single turbo, aftermarjet ECU, etc.) is going to cost big bickies and take it away from it's intended purpose - as a fast & fun daily driver. The interior is pretty well set too - just need to get some tunes.

I was thinking of getting a re-spray. The body is in good nick, just a couple of paint scratches and the usual hatch rust bubbles. I'll probably go for a colour that is close to SDR but just a little different.

Sorry for being so long winded - what I wanted to ask was people's thoughts on getting a pannel beater to create a bonnet scoop a la Russ M. or the carbon fibre guys in Canada (or RX8, for that matter). Would a good pannel guy be able to cut and shape a standard bonnett to create the scoop? Would it be a big/pricey job?

I'd be doing this primarily for appearance - though a bit of airflow over the coils would be nice. The other thing I was thinking about was a pair of colour-coded Cosworth vents up near the window? Just not sure of this would look tacky or not. Any thoughts or ideas, folks? And before you mention it, NO I can't affors to buy and fly a Canadian custom fibre bonnett to Oz ... unless I win Lotto.


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