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bosch fuel pump

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I need to replace my fuel pump in my 82. I just dropped a 7mgte in it so I want to upgrade the stock external pump I've read that bosch is the one to use but dose any one know what part # or what vw/audi it should come from?
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That's a good question, I'd like to know the answer as well :)
There's also a Walbro (sp?) pump that 82-83 peeps have used. Don't know much about that pump either. I'll definitely be upgrading my pump this winter.
One of the better documented pumps is the # 0 580 254 984

I've got one, not installed yet. Search that number and You will find all sorts of results. It kicks the shit out of the walbro 255HP.

hay i did a bit on a walbro external pump its at
my second post on the first page-- check it out
Thanks for the help guys! I found this page on the net about bosch pumps being used in the all-track celicas that might be of some use to us.
you should check out ebay also. they have a good selection.
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