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What's up everyone? I'm taking part in my first road race at Vegas 2003 and I'm hoping for some advice from some of you autocross veterans.

I'm entering with an 85 P-type, so far with basic mods: Tokico HP's, ST springs, Rabidchimp intake, 2.25" cat-back, 16" watanabe's w/Kumho Escta rubber, KVR pads, and some excess weight removed. Being that this is no longer a daily driver, I'm going to be running the car harder than before. Should I be concerned with brake and cooling upgrades? I know the stock brakes heat and fade quickly, and many members have complaints about engine overheating. Have these been issues with you guys during competition? I've got $700 left to spend before Vegas 2003, would it be worth putting it towards upgrades like cross-drilled rotors, stainless steel brake lines, oil cooler, performance radiator, or would sway bars, strut bars, and new suspension bushings be a better choice? Any info is appreciated, thanks.
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