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Wich Brakes Should I Get?

  • Slotted Brake Rotors

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Re: Does it matter?

xrsupra85 said:
Tell me wut you guys think:
xrsupra85 said:
Do the other rotors not let you stop any good or wut? Is OEM better than the aftermarket slotted or drilled?
Personally, I don't know WUT you guys think, but I think WUT Brandon should do is decide WUT kind of driving he plans on doing, and use that as the criteria for the type of rotors/pads to buy. I guess WUT I'm trying to say here is that, cross-drilled rotors do have someWUT of a tendency to crack, especially under repeated hard braking practices. WUT I recommend is that you either go with a solid rotor, or a slotted one.

Perhaps you might contact Don Lew - and ask him WUT he's using on his autocross Mk2. He posts on the forum every now and then.

* wondering when the schools began teaching this new spelling of the word what * ;)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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