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1. What brake upgrades are available for the stock MK2 setup?
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Also, Porterfield R4-S pads are very good.

2. Is there a big brake kit for the MK2?
Yes, however it requires at least 10 sets pre-ordered.
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3. Why do the MK2 brakes seem very average in performance?
They are too thin. Same problem with the MK3. They heat up to
easily, and induce almost instant fade. Newer cars with the same
diameter rotors use thicker rotors.

4. Does the MK3 brakes fit a MK2?
No. Not only is the hub different (5 lug), but the caliper bolt
offset is also different.

5. Are there any other brakes that would fit the MK2?
Toyota is notorious for not making parts interchange amongst
different models. Plus the 14" wheels leave very limited options.
I investigated many different calipers, and found that most would
not fit or provide the brake performance benefit to be worth retro-fitting.

Also, wheels for the MK2 are low offset variety, which further limits fitment.
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