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Brand Preference on Belts & Hoses

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Anyone have some experience with different rubber companies? I am looking at Gates, Good Year, Kelly-Springfield, etc...

I will be replacing the belts and radiator hoses soon.
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Toyota? They're not that much more expensive if you go through Jeff. Whoever Autozone uses for fan belts sucks.
They only belts that I've found that were really good are. Toyota which are the best and just as cheap as the others. Napa make sure you get the premium belts. Not there cheap brand. Gates are good also. I heard that Napa premium belts are made by Gates. All of the other belts I've tried. Never seems to last very long and most don't have the correct v notch to sit in the pulley right. I would go with any of those 3.
Yes TOYOTA, everything else squeaks and there all cheap except for the alternator belt. But they are nice. Hoses Id say get whatever, I bought TOYOTA radiator hoses for my new radiator and was not impressed with them, they feel kinda flimsy to me, and they were alot less reasonable than the belts were.
I ended up getting Good Year Gatorback belts. They are supposed to be up to 15dB quieter than the standard belt. Plus they run cooler so they last longer too. I will post again after I install them.
Gatorback swallows up irritating chirps, squeaks and squeals due to its Helicog(TM) tooth design. Unlike the straight cogs on standard v-ribbed belts, the diagonal Helicog(TM) teeth on Gatorback actually cancel the noise of pulley contact from one offset cog to another. The result is a reduction in operating noise by as much as 15 decibels.

The belt's Helicog(TM) tooth design gives Gatorback added flexibility, which translates into a cooler running belt. And a cooler belt lasts longer -- nearly three times longer than competitive cogged v-ribbed belts.

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i use gatorbacks and lovem. my timing belt is a gatorback. as for coolant hoses i'm still trying to determing when my hoses were replaced because the heater hose was the origional one(busted about a year ago) i replaced the upper coolant hose but haven't replaced the lower one yet, i think the throttlebody warmers are origional too.

quick question, if you bypassed the warmers would any hp be gained from the cooler throttlebody?
I just installed these belts, they really do run quiet. My engine is almost silent! I am pleased.
Who carries the Good Year Gatorbacks?

Almost forgot to get new belts and hoses for the engine swap!!!
i bought my gatorback timing belt from autozone. i think the toyota hoses are the best because i still have a factory one on my car. the lower radiator hose is the factory coolant home. after 16 years the damn thing is still holding strong.
I purchased my belts from AutoZone. The picture I posted was from GoodYear's web site (not my actual belt). Sorry for the confusion. They also make the Gatorback in the V-groove as well (our cars).
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