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Brief 5M Question

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I suppose this is where to put it :roll: . Why does the 5M run out of power at about 5400 rpm. Is it just a lack of fuel, or something else? The reason is a couple of us were tossing around the idea of trying a SAFC (Megasquirt since we're broke) on one to get it to make power up to 6K or maybe even 6500. Any thoughts?
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a stock 5m looses most of it's power around the 5400-5600 point(automatic in power mode shifts at 5600 in first anyways second is 5300.) but like was said before with a good exhaust and intake system it'll pull hard til you hit the revv limiter. the stock intake system tho i speculate on how much extra power it really gives you.(psycological hp gain) because i hooked up my vacuume gauge to my intake plenum and with a semi dirty air filter it read zero vacuume til shift at 5600 and still had no vacuume.
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