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Im going to get a new set of tires, what size works best? I was told stock is 225-60r14? The idiot owning the car before me has all different tire sizes on here, and they are in bad shape. What have you had good luck with/better handling than stock/what should I NOT get. Thanks in advance!


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two years ago i got truck tires at least thats what they told me(thats the only thing they had in town)
Winston Winner GT's they were alright, some what good grip. but for like the same price i think you can get thos falkens. I also i have some B.F. Goodrich Radial TA's those are ok too.

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Most sporting set of tires in the stock size is either the Falkens mentioned or the Sumitomos. I would say the Michelin Pilots but they are twice the price of any of the others and I can't imagine they would be twice as good. Everything else available in either the stock size or plus one (235s) are a step or two downgrade, but probably still some decent tires in the Dunlops, Yokohamas. The only reason to consider the downgrade tires is if you really, really want the raised white letters which do IMO look good on the tall 60 sidewalls particularly if your car is already a dark color. Here is what is available.

225 Section ~24.6 Diameter
Tire Speed UTQG TreadWidth
1.Sumitomo HTR4 H 320 A A 7.2
2.Michelin Pilot H 400 A A n/a
3.Falken Ziex ZE502 H 420 A A n/a
4.Kelly Charger Asym* H 440 A B 7.1
5.Yokohama Avid S/T T 420 A B 6.8
6.Dunlop GT Qualifier T 440 A B 7.2
7.Cooper Cobra GT T 440 A B 7.2
8.BF Goodrich TA S 400 A B 7.2

235 Section ~25.1 Diameter
1.General XP2000 II T 380 A B n/a
2.Yokohama Avid S/T T 420 A B 7.3
3.Cooper Cobra GT T 440 A B 7.6
4.Dunlop GT Qualifier T 440 A B 7.5
5.Firestone FH Indy 500 S 500 A B 7.7
6.BF Goodrich TA S 400 A B 7.6

*I believe this is the same as the Discount Tire house brand Road Hugger. I bought a supra with these on it once - complained loudly around corners. I am leaning heavily toward the Sumitomos for my next set.


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I went to Walmart and bought two 225/60s and two 245/60s. Very reasonable. Work well (they arent as good as yokos of course). They are H speed rated to about 110mph but I very rarely get above 100 so not an issue. Just new tires at a reasonable price that handle decent.
works for me :)

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