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CA engine swap and smog guidelines

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been searching all over the internet for this info. i have found info on some websites, but im looking for something more OFFICIAL. i checked the DMV site but couldn't find it. can someone point me in the right direction.

ALSO: ive been seeing alot of this from what i've been reading...

"as long as the engine is the same year (or newer) as the vehicle."

"Motor, ecu and emissions equipment must be the same year or newer as the car it is being installed into"

what exactly does it mean by "newer as the vehicle/car"
please give me SUPRA related examples. thanks.
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Check here for the basic listing;

My understanding is that after you do the swap you need to have a referee sign off on it the 1st time and they put a sticker in the door jamb. From what I understand from talking to some people is that some smog referees are anal as hell and other let little things slide. Also make sure what ever engine you swap in has CA emissions. So 7Ms would have to have the EGR temp sensor and the corresponding ECU and harness. Not too sure if you can upgrade a Federal car to Cali specs or if the donor car has to be CA spec already.
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