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Mike and all,

This may be better served in a differnt forum, so feel free to move or copy, please.

This is something I started about a year ago, but set aside; I suppose the shitty comments spurred me into action, so maybe it wasn't for naught.

I am in the process of composing a "modifications" and a "repair" FAQ, which should be more complete (updated, and more thorough) than what is already there. Contributions to this will gladly be accepted and possibly incorporated into what I have. If interested, please include ALL RELEVANT information, even if it seems obvious (e.g. all vendors including preferred, manufacturer, current and previous availability, alternatives, potential problems/caveats, etc.) . Consider your target audience to be at the lowest level of automotive knowledge and experience. I have found that this will benefit the most number of viewers.

Please think back to old posts you've made, and maybe expand on those ideas.

At this point, I am also asking for opinions, with the idea that each "mod" can have a link for a listing of opinions. This is something that nearly EVERYONE can participate in. If you have bought aftermarket performance or replacement parts for your Mk2, then this means YOU. :]

I will ask for the following:

Replacement part or product
Supplying vendor or person
New or used (state condition if used)
Impression of quality
Impression of value
Installation-related opinions or advice (may be added to FAQ)
Differences noted (seat of pants, visually, etc) or quantized (dynomometer, time slips, watching the headlights of a 'Vette disappear, etc.)


Jimi B
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