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Cam tower gasket

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I have leaking oil (little by little) coming from the cam tower-exhaust side (near power steering..drips to water pump). I got a toyota gasket waiting to cover it up but just wanted to know if anyone use a sealant(RTV or any other type)?
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Based on what I have seen, Toyota assembles them dry. When I assembled mine, I used a light coating of that spray tack coating. I am not sure RTV would stand up to the heat.

The heat from the exhaust is why that side leaks to begin with.

You are talking about the cam tower to head gasket?

If it is just the valve cover, you don't need to use anything. In fact retorque will usually fix a valve cover leak.
Just put it on dry and torque it properly. The only place Toyota uses FIPG (gasket in tube) is on the oil pan and a little across the HG between the timing cover and block parting line.
Thanks for the tip.

I'm replacing the Cam Tower housing(exhaust side) gasket. The valve cover is ok- now that I've replaced those black-cracked rubber gasket with soft/rubber ones.
Check the exhaust cam tower for warpage while you have everything disassembled and swap it for a good used one if it's warped.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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