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Inate said:
ohh sorry i forgot to mention this is for drifting, i just don't want to mess around with anything extreme, just a little more something to add to my learning, thnx a lot! :D
Dont get ahead of yourself.
Heres a few pointers for someone like yourself learning without instruction.

First of all.....Save money, Drifting (and hard driving in general) Breaks parts (will happen) and crashing is expensive (May happen eventually).

Second of all......worry about getting your stock suspension and entire car in "like new" working order.

Third.....Learn to drive, in a controlled environment...AutoX local track days...whatever. Learn your cars limits. No drifting yet....although it may happen by accident.

Fourth....Read.....Read books on suspension setup and handling. Learn the effects that ride height, camber, caster, swaybar stiffness, spring rates and weight transfer.

Fifth....Learn car control. With stock suspension....learn how to initiate and control slides. Learning while stock is best. Do so in a completely safe place like on a skidpad or something. But Not at AutoX!

Once you become more experienced, Then you can worry about drifting, suspension upgrades... camber settings....etc.

And some tips for the future......Dont be an "internet drifter". Dont take what you read or see on the internet or on "initial D" to be real or fact. Initial D is just a cartoon, and the internet is full or poseur ricers. Most so called "Drifters" on the internet have never drifted a car, and some cant because of what they drive. Dont call yourself a drifter when you dont know what the hell you're talking about or doing. Internet drifters are highly frowned upon. Dont call yourself "A drifter". Nobody I know of in the drift community who actually knows how to drift, goes around saying "Im a drifter". Im not saying that you do any of those things that I just described....but just keep all that in mind.

All this will help later on in your search for information as your questions will be accepted more openly. And your knowledge of your car and driving it to its limits will help you further in your search for info and tips.

Oh and.....Rear camber cannot be adjusted, once you lower your car...It goes negative, relative to your ride height and you have no control over it beyond that. Front can be taken care of with plates from cusco or tein. But dont worry about all that yet. :)

Have fun!
And dont be stupid and slide off a cliff or something. :wink:
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