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Can anyone with an aftermarket ignition help me?

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I still cant figure out why it wont work. I got the 8910 adapter and have it bridged across the stock coil + and - wires but this must be wrong because the ignition will not fire at all hooked up this way. Robert says he has his hooked up to the red wire, but my Igniter does not have a red wire. It has a pink one that is coming from the distributor I think so that wouldnt work because then the TCCS would not work that way. IF anyone could offer any advice with how theirs is wired up I would greatly appreciate it. I would love to get this thing working this week so I can write an article about it so it will be less confusing for others.

This is how I have it wired now incase what I wrote does not make sense.
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Thanks for all the help guys. It appears the Mallory Ignition box is dead. I did the spark test for it and it failed. It sux I have that thing installed in the car really neatly and now I have to go rip it out, but at least the tech told me he would fix it for free. Which is good considering I bought it at a swap meet and have no reciept.
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