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Can YOU carry a 7m?

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or the block anyway?
i helped my friend move his dissassembled 7m-gte, and ended up carrying the block upstairs. i was just wondering if anyone happens to know the weight of it?


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its not that its impossibly heavy, or really all that hard to carry. it is sharp though. i have some nice dents in my wrists to prove it too. im just curious as to how much i was carrying, the frist post may have sounded a bit like a little kid, but i was still a bit hyper.
the reason im so curious as to how much it weighs, is im just wondering what kind of numbers i can throw at people.
im about 5'9, 140, and build like a toothpick, some assume i am expremely weak, and i would like to be able to set them back a bit in their thinking.

my friend seems to think the block is well into the 200s, and it felt like a lot more than 150

thanks again

bare block, nothing in it, nothing attatched
maybe i should just go weigh it
the block is probably going to be availiable for the next few monthes, i just have to find a scale.
1 - 4 of 12 Posts
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