Hi guys, I'm pretty new to the Supra world. I have a friend that makes custom carbon fiber parts for cars. I met him when I bought my 1984 Plymouth Conquest(aka Mitsubishi Starion) during a meet. The 1983 hood for that car is very sought after and rare. He worked on the mold and was finally able to make a carbon fiber version of it along with other stuff. Here is a link to some of carbon fiber work he did for the header panels and headlight covers. He also has done custom work on couple other cars.

Currently the starquest community(short for starion & conquests cars) is mostly active in Facebook groups. The starquestclub website had a crash in 2015 which caused the Facebook group to grow instead.

Anyways, long story short I thought it would be awesome to make carbon fiber parts for the celica supra mk2. I asked my friend and he said he is 100% down for it. I did not know where most of the community for this car was but was directed to this site from a Facebook group. I asked on the Facebook group (Buy Sell Trade Anything Toyota Celica Supra MK2 1981-1986 | Facebook) what parts were needed, you can see my post on there. Apparently there isn't much parts of anything but someone mentioned RaptorRacing had big things like hatches, hoods, etc.

I have a pretty clean condition 1983 MK2 Supra that I can use to create moldings from. What I wanted to ask the group was the following:

What does the group want as a first project so we can get some estimates on the cost?