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Dude, gota go with the Frances and Mazer 9ft whip on the hood!


I was into that back in the day. I still have an HR2510 and a RCI 2950 in the garage.

I dont think you would get more than a mile or so of reception/transmision if the antenna is hidden. It is a line of sight thing. The higher the better.

You can probably still get the Cobra magnamount 14" metal antenna but those things are only good for 3 or so miles and cant be tuned.

I actually had a Cobra 148 and a 9ft whip on an 80 celica. Worked great but looked like crap.

If you really want it hidden then try getting a small one and stand it up in the back. Build a small base for it and cut a hole in the carpet and run it down the center of your spare tire or something. Ground it good.
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