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Well people my cd player aint working and im kinda pissed off.

Well First of all, my car was sitting in my parking lot for a 3 to 4 months, and at that time i never put my cd player in there to turn it on.

Second, My alternator was dead and it killed my battery, so i got it replaced for free at autozone, and put the new one in there but didnt start the car up cuz i didnt want to kill that battery.

And every time i would take the power from the car it would always reset the cd player, hence the time was erased, my settings, the programed stations and other stuff like that,

So when i got my car back yesterday and tried putting my cd player it would'nt turn on, by the way i did the 88 supra alt conversion with my 6m,
i doubt that had to do anything with it but any ideas guys.
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happened to me, turned out the cigarette lighter fuse was out and caused my stereo not to work =/
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