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ok i found the problem after getting pissed i was ganna throw my cd player away, but then i decided to take everthing apart and look at the wiring and the cd player

So after taking the cd player off i went ahead and disconnected all the connections clean them and then i took a look at the cd player fuse and that was bad so i replaced it.

After that I check all the other connection on the wire harness, so i put it back in and walla it work and i was happy and also save myself from buying a new cd player.

I also went ahead and put my 6*9s back on with the custom box for it, however i did not put the woofers back in because they weight close to 180lbs and thats to much weight.

I also put my amp back in and connected it to my 6*9s, my amp fuse was also bad so i replaced that as well, the only problem right now is that im getting noise on the speakers so i guess im ganna have to look into the wiring again to see if they are not touching each other

Edit: as i look at my cd player i noticed that it also has a connectio like the stock radio where the equalizer is plugs in, my question is can you put the stock equalizer and hook it up to my kenwood cd player
21 - 22 of 22 Posts
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