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Ok, Its time to get this off my shelf. Its been collecting dust long enough. This is a centerforce dual friction 2 clutch. I had this installed in my 85 7mgte with the W58 tranny. It has anywhere from 300-500 miles on it(more like 300). Ive never boosted more than 10LBS on it. its barely broke in.

Why am i selling this you ask, A friend of mine told me it wont hold for the mods Ive done to my engine, i pulled it right away, So i wouldnt trash it. It has never been slipped. AND yes, I believe what my friend told me, due to the fact he and I are running similar set-ups and he said he slipped his once and then pulled it. Thats all i needed to hear. I believe this clutch will hold 400-450HP. If anyone thinks otherwise and your opinion is worth a damn on this forum then please chime in and say so.

$225 shipped anywhere in the lower 48 states only. Sorry I dont ship across the pond or border. if any of you guys up incanada want this, i will ship it to a friend of yours in the USA and they can ship it to you. I will not be held accountable once your "friend" gets it.

there are no "DIBS" calling on this and no I wont hold it for you...sorry, been burned to many times for this.

pm me
or email me [email protected]
paypal only to [email protected]

when payment is received, It will ship following day with tracking as long as its not sunday or holiday.

thanks fellas.....Jake

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