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cheap easy mods for a 5mge?

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I just brought myself a 83 5mge supra and was wondering what easy cheap little mods i can do to it

im gna do some of the bigger more expensive mods next year around june/july when i bolt the supercharger onto it, but i want to get some more power out of it now b4 the annual "Suprafest" here in NZ in february so i dont get kicked by the mk3 owners too badly lol (tho il get my own back in 2005 when its charged :twisted: )

So anyway, any suggestions??
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well, im sure the search function would be able to help you with some of the previous posts on this topic, but ill sum it up really quickly.

other than headers, exhaust, and intake, there isnt a whole lot we can do to dramatically improve our cars power with out going to forced induction.

a few little things, but most people will tell you they wont make much difference... i think the best gains for under 1000 are nitrous, or a home made turbo set up.
Cheap and effective mods....
Improved intake, K&N filter, get some cold air to filter, AFM mod, headers, high flow cat, 2.5 inch catback exhaust, advance timing to 15 degrees, weight reduction.

See the "Modifications" section on my website for more info on all these things...
i put in a post called cool power ideas that is full of things you can do as long as you can find some materials.
upgrading your grounds will help and it's cheap cheap cheap
Noob Q# 32655.5454 Section C - what are free mods?:scratch:

Have a nice day :suicide:
free mods is using stuff that is laying around your house or can fit in your pocket at a pick-ur-part.
You know ... like using your gilfriends bra as a hood scoop. :rotfl: It made my car way faster. I got away REALY FAST!!!
Cheap Easy Mods?
Nothing cheap is ever easy...
Nothing easy is ever cheap

Well I guess K&N & grounds... if you want to call those mods
A free mod is something you can do to your car and it costs you nothing, its free, at no charge, no expense,.....would you like some more

Free mods - cutting air holes around stock air filter cover, Gutting cat,.... im sure there are more

Supra_devil said:
free mods is using stuff that can fit in your pocket at a pick-ur-part.
:naughty: thats stealling :naughty:

Supra_devil said:
free mods is using stuff that is laying around your house.
:scratch: so where can I put a spoon or a fork in my car to get better performance :banghead: :whutthef: :wink:
In order of basic to more $$ mods

*Basic tune up cap rotor, plugs and wires
*Fuel filter
*Change fluids in 5spd or Auto, LSD, PS
*add injector cleaner
*Proper alignment all 4 wheels, wheel bearings packed and adjusted properly.
*tires are proper air pressure
*Replace O2 sensor

*K+N drop in filter
*depanel air filter housing
*advance timing 2-3 degrees
*lower temp thermostat 82C

*Intake pipe
*Big Bore TB
*AFM mode up to 3 clicks counter clockwise
*lightweight flywheel
*ignition upgrade HKS, Jacobs, MSD, Accel

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