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check out what this black '84 sold for

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Hope the link works, but this one was on ebay twice with 67,000 miles and pretty nice, but not perfect...$4650 is not bad with 13 of 16 bids coming with 7 minutes left! Interested to hear what you guys think of this, especially after all that discussion about Malloy's black '84 car selling for a little less than this!

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Not bad...coincidently that's the just a little bit more than i paid for mine with just a little bit more milage on it.

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I'd be concerned with the engine compartment. I looks like the engine has been degreased or cleaned with a petroleum product, as evident by the stained air intake. Also, there looks like drip marks on the fuel intake. I wouldn't call it mint and I never liked the pinstriping, it makes me dizzy.
Looks like the shifter knob was replaced with a leather one, as I believe the leather came on the 85's.

Anyway, for your comparisons, I recently purchaed this 85. Here is the link. This is now my second, as I own an 84.
Shift knob looks fine, other than I'm wondering where the shift pattern diagram went to.

Remember, ALL LHD MA Supras had a leather covering on them originally!! They usually start to wear down & deterioriate over time, thus the naked black plastic knob that you have in the end.
Should be worth a lot more seeing as it has the ultra rare 24 valve 5MGE!
I was watching that auction. Jokes aside, looks like an above avg car which sold for a decent price. It wldnt take much money or effort for me to get that car looking absolutely pristine. All the pieces are there, and have minimal wear, makes for an easy resto. It is rare to find unmolested mk2's these days, and undoing someone's else poor/sloppy mods can be a nightmare.

Anybody notice that tricky E-brake handle combo lock?

Not fair to compare the selling $$$ of this car with Malloys (my) car either. True, mine has nearly twice the mileage, but Bob got a mechanically well sorted car with a near-flawless new paint job. Add whatever wheels he choses and perf mods, and he's good to go. Another square deal in my book.

So is "[email protected]" here on this board? I've seen some really nice mk2's changing hands on ebay, but find they dispapear b/c the buyers arent on our forum :cry:
Yea, I noticed that e-brake lock too.

Anyone noticed the white 85 on for $14, 500. I did several weeks ago and emailed the seller to ask if it was a typo?!! :shock:
The seller was offended that I questioned his price. He wrote, "It is a collector's car and I really don't need to sell it."
Very Strange.

Ahhh, It seems I was mis-informed several years ago by a Toyota dealer's senior mechanic about the shifter knob being leather on all Supras. When I purchased my 84 seven years ago, there was just the naked knob except for a small leather strip circling the gear diagram. I could never figure out what this was, but I now realize this is what was left of the entire leather wrap.

Anyway, the 85 I just bought has a nice leather knob. However, I felt the need to order an extra one from Toyota for my personal inventory, as well as an extra center arm-rest cover. I feel these items may become scarce.

Anxiously awaitng the delivery of my new 85. Online logistics puts the car carrier transporting my car within three hundred miles. I hope to received it tomorrow Yeaa! :D
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Maybe its just me but the interior on that car looks kinda crappy for the miles. Hard to tell on the outside being black, but it doesn't look spectacular. Probably will detail up nice, but I'll never understand why people don't clean their car up when they sell it.
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