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New, never used.

Description from the chimp site
This complete kit has been designed for use with 5MGE/6MGE powered Supras and Cressidas that have been turbocharged with a CT26 Toyota turbo and factory Mk3 Turbo Supra exhaust manifold.

It will allow for the proper lubrication of your Toyota CT26 turbo, and consists of the following items:

* One upper, water cut, 1/2" thick aluminum flange, drilled and tapped to accept the oil pressure and drain lines.
* One -4AN (1/4") braided, stainless steel (teflon inner) turbo oil pressure line.
* One -10AN (5/8") braided, stainless steel (teflon inner) turbo oil drain line.
* One brass T fitting to provide oil pressure source (at oil pressure sending unit) for the CT26 turbo.
* One steel adaptor to mate brass T to oil feed line.
* One steel, weld-on bung (mates oil drain line to oil pan).
* One Toyota oil line gasket (upper).
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