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I wouldn't recommend clear anodizing wheels myself. Clear anodizing is usually pretty dull and IMHO is a hard thing to keep clean. Makes sense because anodizing is actually aluminum oxide (Al02 i.e. oxidation). Anodizing is actually one of the cheapest finishes you can do on aluminum. I usually spec my AL parts in anodizing when I can on non-process/cosmetic part at work for cost reasons. I don't know how exactly you would expect anything other than the aluminum to survive the anodizing process. Depending if you do type 1 or 2 anodizing (type 1 is sorta out of date these days), the part is getting dipped in either Sulfuric or Chromic Acid. You can actually have multicolored anoziding done if you want. I've seen samples they've done with graphics done in anodizing. So you could probably have the black stripes anodized with the clear. Got me how much it costs though, since we've never had any done.

Depending on where you are at you can run with uncoated Al for a while. I polish my wheels about once a year. I ran about 4 or 5 years on polished stockers in my 1st MkII (roughly 100k miles or so) and they still looked new. You just have to keep them clean and away from salts and the like.
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