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Lighter items are shipped prices, heavier items I'll find out shipping cost if there is any interest. This is just what I found around my room, I'll peek around my shed tomorrow for some goodies.

Fidanza Flywheel for 7M, 11lbs with fresh face - $250 obo

Carello Headlamp, haven't found another light it. Light pattern is very similar to that of the Hella H4. Comes with what looks like a very lightly used 55/65 bulb. Last pic will be of a comparison to the stock sealed beam. - $40 obo

Brembo? blanks. For the front, never used, still in sealed plastic. - $35 obo

SDR Horn cover - $10 obo

Haha, and from what it looks like... I need to vacuum, haha!
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