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cleaning plastic parts

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I found a way to smooth out rough spots on the plastic trim pieces.
"mothers mag and aluminum polish"
while I was cleaning my taillights I thought I would use a little paint stripper to clean some old paint overspray off the black trim. Very bad idea, the stripper eats away at the plastic. :mad: I then had one very rough looking taillight. Seeing as it could not get any worse I sanded the rough area with fine sandpaper which helped but did not look good. So I tried the aluminum polish and after a bit of rubbing it took the sandpaper marks off the trim.

I also cleaned up a few small chips and dings on the pillar trim (the ones next to the window with the small supra emblem). The polish worked very well there too.

I am sure there are other rubbing compounds available that will do the same thing, but this was what I had lying around the house. I just wanted to share this cleaning tip. :D
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Yep, it also works wonders on plastic headlight lenses.
3M plastic polish is your friend too.
Marblehead said:
3M plastic polish is your friend too.
3M products on the whole are good stuff. I use their Imperial Hand Glaze and their polish too. Very impressive.
toothpaste is for more than teeth! Try the "whiter, briter" type
Thanks for the other great ideas. I have a instrument panel that could use a little clean and polish. I will try some of those 3M products on it.
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