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For those that want a plug and play Rad with no modification required there aren’t too many options for the MK2 these days. Griffin’s current model has no provisions for a temp sensor or a petcock valve, I was originally going to get them to build this radiator but have found what I believe to be a MUCH better company which builds a better quality Radiator.

Features Include:

• 100% Made in USA
• 100% Aluminum
• NO EPOXY - Griffin Epoxies their Rads
• Entirely Tig Welded
• Furnace Brazed High Efficiency Cores
• Billet Filler Necks

On top of that we will add:

• Bung for a Temp Sensor
• Petcock Valve
• Nylon Hardware and Custom Silicone Gasket to Prevent Galvanic Corrosion explained here and here.

The gasket isn’t just a rubber washer. It's a professionally made 80duro piece of Silicone, it’s shaped like the tabs on your radiator to give it a nice clean look. The Bolt is possibly 1-2mm too long, but easily “modified”. To make a custom unit is just not worth the price

Here is a Drawing of EXACTLY it will look like:

And a generic picture of another product to give you an idea of what it will look like:

This link has a 3D PDF of the Rad and this link as a 3D PDF of the Rad and Shroud. If the links don’t work download it and open it with any PDF viewer, if you don’t have a PDF viewer shame on you first of all…second grab adobe’s here.

As you can see in the link above we are also offering a Custom Fan Shroud with Dual 12” SPAL Fans, we feel that SPAL are some of the best units out there and are happy to offer them. The Fan Shroud Kit is made to fit on the OEM Rad so can be used with the OEM and Griffin Radiator.

Finally to wire it all we are offering up SPAL’s Install Kit:

Please note you do NOT need to use the SPAL wiring kit for this to work, there are many aftermarket kits out there but this is the only one we are offering. You will obviously need a harness kit; just saying it doesn't have to be the SPAL install kit.

Please also note that we will not be offering “support” on the wiring, this is up to the end customer. I suggest that if you’re not sure how to do it to take it to someone who does as this is one thing you really don’t want to mess up. It might be something I'll offer in the future but the priority now is the Rad as it's something I feel we desperately need.


1. Aluminum Rad Only: $495 – Shipping and Anti Galvanic Corrosion Kit Included
2. Fan Shroud Kit Only: $295 – Shipping Included
3. SPAL Fan Harness Kit: $55 – Only available with Fan Shroud
4. Whole Kit – Rad + Shroud - $775 – Shipping Included ; Harness Kit Extra

A Note About Pricing - This group buy is mainly here to get a product made and not necessarily to get better pricing. I'm saying this because I have NO idea what pricing will be like after the group buy. I might be very near the group buy pricing, it might not be. The ONLY way to engineer this as a group buy to save everyone tons of money is to build a LOT of Rads and this just isn't feasible for the MK2.

Payment Terms

US Customers:
50% Deposit for Entire Order or 100% if you want to be really nice to me as there is less to keep track of:sarcasm:. If you pay 50% the remainder is due prior to shipping the product out.

Payment Methods:

1. Paypal to: [email protected]
2. No Paypal? I can send you an invoice where you can pay with most Credit/Debit Cards
3. Check - MUST pay full Amount

Canadian Customers

All Canadian customers MUST pay in Canadian Dollars, some of this might be a pain in the butt for you but you but I'm personally driving down, picking them up and clearing them through customs for FREE. This option alone is saving you at least $30...maybe more.

50% Deposit for Entire Order or 100% if you want to be really nice to me as there is less to keep track of:sarcasm:. If you pay 50% the remainder is due prior to shipping the product out.

ALL Canadians also must pay GST or HST, if you don't know your provinces tax rate please let me know and I'll tell you.

Payment Method (in order of preference):

1. Email Money Transfer (most all major Canadian Banks Have this) to: [email protected]
2. Paypal +3% in CND Currency to [email protected]
3. Cheque - MUST pay full amount

International Customers

Please email NOT pm me please!! We can discuss payment and shipping terms.

Required Information

Your Payment MUST include:

1. Full Name and Forum Name:
2. Full Mailing Address (NO PO Boxes):
3. Phone Number

If you're paying via paypal you can add this in your payment. PLEASE try to avoid using paypal mobil app as it neglects to include the address which forces me to follow up with you. If you're paying via Email Money Transfer or Cheque please make sure to send me a follow up email.


These will take minimum 30 days to build, PLEASE keep in mind that this is the first run of these and sometimes there could be delays. IF there are I will be sure to post up as soon as I have info.

This group buy will Officially Start when I have 10 paid deposits, as soon as that happens I'll start production. I will keep the group buy open until the end of April.


1. Single Core
2. Can't do Black

Group Buy Participants

Legend for Options: R=Rad; S=Shroud; H=Harness
Legend for Payment: UP = Unpaid; PF = Paid in Full; PH = Paid Half

1. Raptor Racing - RSH - Deadbeat...hasn't paid yet (Canada)
2. Joseph S. - RSHJ - PF
3. Royce - RSH - PF (Canada)
4. Bruce/Abnoramal9122 - RSH - PF
5. Dustin/8055m4n - RSH - PF
6. Tim S - RSH - PF
7. Spencer T - R - PF (Canada)
8. Josh L- R - PF (Canada)
9. Karl S - RSH - PF
10. Kit P - R - PF
11. Emmanuel G- RSH - PH
12. Scott G - RSH - PF (Canada)
13. Jesse B - R - PF
14. Curtis M - R - PF
15. Dustin F - R - PH
16. Scot H - R - PF

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RSH - Payment Sent.. Thanks George!!
Rad Only Payment Sent.
Thanks guys...your status has been updated as well as those others who sent payment in. Thanks guys, I really do appreciate you all so far sending in the full payment considering you don't really have to. It's less work and less chasing for me later on so again...REALLY appreciate it as I know how much it sucks to give your hard earned money for a product you wont' see right away.

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RSH - payment sent!

Thanks for all your efforts to keep these cars going :)

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Agreed ^. Quick someone send George the $ so we can get this going! LOL.

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Bueller Bueller?

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Hey we finally reached our 10 and actually have an 11th that should be paying me by tomorrow so here's what's next: I'm currently out of the country until tomorrow night. So either Friday or first thing Monday I will start the production of the first batch. If anyone else pays and wants in it's NO problem...I will just add another to the production run so PLEASE if you're interested send your payment in as the group buy is still open till the end of May.

The silicone gasket that will go between the rad/chassis upper mount went into production yesterday so we're good to go with that. Thanks again guys, if there are any questions please keep them coming.
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