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Just a quick post to share my experience installing a clutch pedal mounting bracket. My 1985 automatic did not have the bracket spot welded in so I harvested one from the pick your part back when MK2s would show up 2-3 times a year (no more?). The removal was challenging because the spot welds hold really well and I pried it off. I would recommend drilling the spot welds out although that would be challenging too with metal falling in your face while upside down under the dashboard. There are a lot of parts under the dash that need removing in order to properly access the donor bracket so count on some time spent just pulling out stuff.

I read the threads on alternatives to the factory bracket and just preferred to try this route. I used self tapping screws that I will trim the tops off of and seal with good epoxy on top. I hated the idea of compromising the sheet metal in the water channel but it's done and I will keep a close eye on it. Instead of two spot welds on each side I have three screws which feels solid when testing the flex of the pedal.

Now I need a brake pedal for the MT set up so please PM if you have one. I have an extra clutch pedal to trade if your interested.



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