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Man this really sucked. I was drivin down 96th street and I was with a couple of my friends showin off in my 1985 supra. I pulled a massive 2nd gear scratch and tryed to pull third, and was so close. I had a stock clutch in it too! Then as I went to go shift into 4th, it wouldnt go into gear.

I was like oh $#!+

I coasted down 96th and rolled into some apartments, as i slowed down in the parking stall, the car just died. As I tryed to start it again, It wanted to launch forward while it was starting. Eventualy I got it out of 1st gear and let it run out of gear. I couldnt put it into any gear at all. Then I tryed to put it into reverse, and it dropped right in and didnt want to come back out.

Again I was like oh $#!+

When I finaly got it out of gear, I pulled the emergency brake because I was on a hill, and just let it run, thinkin there could be very little clutch fluid left, I checked it, and it was full. If I pushed down the clutch pedal, it sounded like there was dice in the frickin tranny. I was hopeing it wasent the tranny. I plan on dropping in the 7mgte and the 7m tranny eventually, but I cant do it now! No Money!

I got it towed to a shop, and the freaks down there had it for 4 days before the even looked at it. I found out today that they drove my car........How the hell did it drive? Last I knew it wasent going into gear. Anyways the guy said it was the clutch......most likely the release bearing. I was like, I coulda told u that one captain obvious!

So now I get to use my performance clutch I bought from ACT off of Rabid! Yeeeeaaaahhhh! I had to order the Fidanza lightweight flywheel today too. It should be here Monday or Tuesday, then Im going to have these guys intsall it for me.......I really dont feel like doing the work this time.

So now I am spending like 1200 for all the crap installed, but it will be performance. They guys at cyberspace automotive told me the flywheel weighed like 11 pounds.

I ordered the heavy duty presure plate, release bearing, and pilot bearin, alighnment tool, and a 4 pad xtreme race disc for the clutch kit.

Let me know what you guys think!
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