I bought this kit sometime last year. It took months to arrive. When it finally did arrive I didn’t get to work right away and when to a car meet later that same night. Little did I know it was going to be the last time I’d take my ’84 out. on my way home from the meet a truck swerved into my lane crushing her from the driver’s side and taking out the diff in the process. Since the vehicle is beyond repair according to my capabilities I can no longer install this awesome kit. It has been sitting for more tha 6 months to the point where its price even went up on the website(Coiloverdepot.com). I am willing to take a great loss on this kit just so it can finally be used by another beauty. I do have the conformation number and invoice. It’s not the website for 1195, I’m asking 1,000 obo shipping cost included. Pick up is possible for lower.