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Cold Uncontrollable Reving

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Recently my 82 5MGE Celica Supra has a reving problem when driving. What happens is, i will start the car and the car revs a bit higher than normal when the car is cold (especailly if the weather has been really cold), i allow the car to warm for a few minutes and then when i drive the problem occurs. I will drive the car change gear at about 2 - 2500 revs, but as soon as i put my foot on the clutch the revs jump up about a thousand revs before coming down. Also, when i take my foot off the accelerator the car holds the revs and goes up about 250 revs, then goes down. When the car reaches adequate temperature, this motion eventually stops. This can not be normal as the car has not done this before. The car has done this a few times now in the last month, so i am gathering something is on the way to giving up.

I would really appreciate your ideas?

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I'm having a similar problem with my Cressida.1st start ebery day,revs funny,and runs like shit,even if left to warm up.Shut it off,after it warms up,wait 30 minutes,restart,runs fine the rest of the day.Looks like I'll be in the garage this weekend.
Check the alternator output. Mine started doing that and then got to where it wouldn't drop back down and stay down, it would go up and down, up and down. At a stop light it would look like I was trying to get someone to drag....A couple of days later, the alternator took a dump....

Just something to check out.

The alternator has been acting up occasionaly,as a matter of fact.But you know me and my own cars Leslie,if it still runs,drive it till it quits :roll:
I'll try that 1st I think now :D Thanks. :roll: kinda dumb when it comes to my own stuuf somtimes :roll:

I have just had a reco on the alternator, i have a slight feeling that it may be the the throttle lever not returning. Or maybe the cold start injector! I will have a play in the garage this weekend and see what i get out of it.

Any other ideas are appreciated.

Thanks guys! 8)
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