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compression ratio increase

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going from stock 8.8:1 to 10,10.5, or 11:1.

which one would be best? i know 11 offers more power but if i went that high would i be using octane booster? i'm thinking 10.5 like the new celicas run.

i want to do this by using a thinner headgasket and shaving the head.

anyone else done this for power? how did it turn out?

also thinking about a 3-angle valve-job and p&p while it's in there they'll only charge 100 more for it.
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Do it! I'd say 10.5:1 should be good. Get the head ported as much as possible, and the largest valves crammed in there as possible. Also probably need a larger throttle body. Make sure you have a header and 2.5" exhaust. Good luck!
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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