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I get alot of questions about the swap.

The MK2 becomes a very different car with a 7MGTE.

I think it's important to note that there are several things you should do FIRST.

Suspension This is a must upgrade.

For starters, the 7MGTE creates much more torque, and a worn suspenion
will make the car squat down to the bump stops. Also, the extra power
will cause poorer handling.

Brakes An upgrade to the stock brakes is a must. At least upgrade
to stainless brake lines, new rotors and KVR or Poterfield pads.

Work out any bugs, etc.

At this point, then consider the 7MGTE transplant.

Otherwise, you are doing it backwards.

Then consider you will be doing the following:

Radiator upgrade At least to a 2 core brass radiator. 3 core is
better, and possibly the aluminum radiator that I'm looking to have made.

Clutch/Transmission You need a strong pressure plate.
You might get away with the stock W58 setup, but not for long.

Differential It's about a 70% chance you will need one. The 7MGTE
will wear out your old stock differential much faster.

You should know the 7MGTE Or have a friend who does know about them.
When setup and tuned well, these motors are very nice.

But they can be very moody. There is enough sensors on the motor
to cause a diagnosis headache.


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Very true, very can only go as fast as you stop

I built a 90T, very tempermental, but it will be my donor car since the guy I sold it to totaled it....
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