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converting an l-type to p-type

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ok, i found a really clean red 85 l-type for a good price. how hard would it be to swapp on fender flares from a p-type? i know i have to swap the front bumper cover too but thats no big deal to me. also, is it possible to swap from a digital dash to an analog dash? im not digging the digital speedo.
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The front bumper covers are the same between the 2 types. The fronts should be easy if you switch the fender and inner liner. The back would take a little work though. Must be possible though since I've seen flares installed on GT Celicas a lot. I think I'd wait for a P-type myself. There isn't as much rear fender clearance for tires on an L-type.
yeah, but the thing is this is one of the cleanest mkii's ive ever seen and i have been searching for awhile now. sad part is the ins. company screwed me so i only got $1200 to start plus what i save. i would like to find a red p-type near tampa with a blown motor and/or tranny for cheap. cause the engine, trany, and diff are all coming out right away.
if its that nice, buy it and keep the l type fenders, but change everything else to P type specs

Ls can be nice too :)
I think there is a member in these boards that has an brown 84 L-type with p-type rims, 6mge I/H/E, and perfect shape good paint no dings.
yes, but i want a red 84-86 p-type. i have a black leather interior, black centered 16x7 enkei's, etc... everything is for a red /black setup. if i got the l-type id want at least the p-type flares on it and would prefere a analog cluster whic i have as aposed to the digital one its has but could live with the digital cluster if it would be too much of a pita. my 84 getting totalled has been a big pita and i hope i get a really good settlement and soon.
go for it but it will require some surgery on the rear quaters to get the ptpyes wheel clearance. You'll have to trim the lips back to ptype spec with a zip disc or sawzel. Then you'll have to weld in some pieces to rejoin the quater skin to the wheel wells. I wouldn't bother with the digi dash swap. Digi dashs are cool, they're only downside is they're hard to read with direct sunlight on them. Add an aftermarket volt meter and oil pressure guage, you can get half sized din face plates and guages that fit in them. People love the digi dashs, I get lots of Knight Rider comments about mine :D. Plus no ptype supra in the states came with the digis so you'd have a very unique car.
Why would you have to alter the rear fenders with the P-type wheels? I think the flares are just added into the L-type body. I doubt Toyota would have molded an entire new fender, when they could just slap on fender flares. No cutting needed.
The quarter panels are very different around the wheel wheels between the 2 types. The tire clearance are only little bit smaller on the L types. P type wheels fit fine under the L-type fenders.
Yes, the front and rear fenders are cut different on L-types than P-types.

P-type rims fit fine on L-types.
For tires.....
I use 215/60R14 in the fronts. 225/60R14 will likely rub on big bumps.
I use 225/60R14 in the rear with no problems. My L-type is lowered with Eibachs/Tokicos.
One local member uses 245/50R14's front and rear without rubbing on his L-type. With the lower profile (50 instead of 60) he can get away with the wider width.
ok, everybody isnt getting the point. i apparently didnt come off right. i want a p-type period, will not be running p-type wheels, ill be running 16x7 enkei 92's, will have coilovers in the front with tockico illuminas, st springs in the rear with rancho 9 way adjustables, addco swaybars, ljm front strut bar, custom rear bar, 7mgte, r154, trutrac with 3.727, etc... there will be an autometer 30psi boost, and 1600deg egt gauge in a pillar pod. there will be autometer water temp and oil pressure gauges mounted in the center a/c vents. there will be a clarion cd player, 1/2 din clarion eq, hks evc3 and hks turbo timer mounted in the diouble din opening, i want the analog gauge cluster so it will match my other gauges, and do not want an l-type for cosmetic reasons. i want to know if anyone HAS put p-type flares on an ltype and how hard is it cause if i buy that car it WILL get done. and i will change the whole front harness with my 84 if i have to to get a analog dash. i still would rather have a p-type to begine with but cant find a red 84-86 p-type in fla with a decent body and paint.
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like I said in my post, you have to cut, weld and drill holes. Othere then that it should be easy. FYI, your enkies will fit just fine in the rear of the stock ltype. but they will rub up front. I'd use some spacers in the rear if you do the flares if you want them to come a little closer to the edges.
i put the P-type 225/60's on my 82 L-type and i have rubbing issues up front (especially on gravel :wink: ), the rears aren't bad though.
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