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Crane PS91 Ignition Coil install

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Here's another option for everybody for an upgraded coil.

I toyed with doing an upgrade even on the 5m when I saw what Wes had done with the E-core ford coils. I wanted a good coil, even better than the accel coil but I didn't like the red on the MSD. Enter the PS91 coil! as far as I can tell, it's basically the same as the MSD unit (voltage wise) I forget the specs I had found years ago but I remember it being identical, just not red.

I thought it would be a nice addition to the 7MGE and spruce the engine bay up a bit.

It starts life looking like this.

the bolt pattern is the same, but those tabs that stick out must be cut off so you can get a ratchet on the stock supra igniter mounts. I cut mine off with a grinding wheel.

Just like on wes' write up here: , you've got to cut off the stock connectors. The PS91 needs some .250" female spade connectors, so crimp some of those babies on.

The next hurdle is the stock PS91 connector hits the supra's ignitor and it needs to be spaced out. I bought
4 X M4 chrome washers
50 X M4 stainless washers (only need 44 but you'll drop some...)
4 X M4 * .70 - 35mm stainless socket head cap screws

you need those longer bolts. Socket head cap screws look like this.

I couldn't find a canadian supplier that could sell in small quantities, hell I couldn't find anybody that would sell over 30mm so I had to order from the states. Nobody would ship to canada, so raptor racing hooked me up!!

Finally, you need to make a custom coil wire to connect it all together! The stock coil has a female connector and the new one has HEI style, so that needs to change. I picked a high quality wire because of the 7MGE's long wire run over to the distributor.

I picked the ACCEL 8.8mm 300+ Ferro Spiral Race wire from summit racing here

it came with the terminals, boots and crimping tool you'll need to make any wire. the 7MGE needs somewhere around 35", so get a 42" kit like this just incase. Use one of the spare terminals on the scrap piece of wire you cut off to make sure you can get a proper crimp before you use the actual wire. A 5m would need a much shorter wire.

Everything soldered and installed and here are the results!
the coil

the wire

overall engine shot

My motor is almost done, I just need a better intake setup. The car feels great now and I believe it has improved the top end. With the cooler air today, every punch of the throttle brought a smile to my face. I hope to dyno again to see if there is a gain. I can say it definitely didn't decrease performance! lol. This may not be viable for stock NA M series motors but I think it will help those that have done lots of work on their motors a little bit of an edge.

coil was $30 on ebay (used)
bolts and washers were $10
wire was $25 (summit)
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DOnt know how I missed this, but it looks great, great instal.
I am debating on whether or not it would be a good upgrade even over my msd blaster 2 coil...

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