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Crankshaft Scrapers

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Hey all,
Check these out! Pretty ingenius idea!
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Wow, thats a really neat way to free up some horses! I bet there are tons of things we could do to make our engines more efficient. (if we had the time and funding to do the R&D) So much hp is lost in doing lots of little things, like pumping oil and heating up the block. Any idea if that'd work with the 6m? I'd guess no since it uses the 7m crank.
This sort of thing is really only useful in a racing application, where you're prepared to spend thousands of dollars to extract that last couple of hp. For normal people who drive their cars on the street, it's possibly the worst bang-for-your-buck mod you can do!
oh. :( I feel like an idiot now cause I emailed the company asking if they made 7M ones and told them I'd want one if they did. doh :doh:
Thanks norbie for saving my pocket book. :wink:
its also cheap... i think people waste more money on things that give less bang for the buck, so why not be indulgent.
after all, a shift knob does nothing for performance, but people spend tons of money on them.

i recall reading an engineering text a couple years back that stated a crank scraper can improve fuel economy and free up horsepower.
normally id just smile and nod at it, but it was an SAE document with dyno tests, and real world studies.

i wouldnt even begin to guess at numbers, because it was a while ago, but hey, with 20 year old engines, why not help them work a little easier.

i have better things to spend 40us$ on, like a new timing belt, or brakes, but for someone who has a bit more free income, why not :)
Or, you could just make one. (but being very careful about copyright patent laws etc.. don't copy! :naughty: ) Mild steel is cheap and easy to work with. I'm sure it wouldn't be too difficult to design and fab your own using a spare oil pan and block for the bolt pattern. Plus, I don't ever plan on going turbo, so every bit of hp helps. Check out this guy's opinion oncrank scrapers:
No matter if its worthwhile or not, you'd think they'd think up a better name for it tho. "Gee, I don't think I want to hear any 'scraping' going on inside my motor." :lol: Mabe crankcase anti-vortex baffle or something more technical sounding.

Phil D.
Well, considering that some other types of devices that help reduce windage are called windage trays, windage screens, etc., why not call it a windage plate. :lol: Strange that they don't appear to offer one for the 7MGTE! Oil from the oil squirter nozzles is bound to fall right down on the rotating crankshaft.
Well, Kevin at Ishihara-Johnson Crank Scrapers returned my email. He said, "I have asked another owner if he would like to trial fit a scraper for the
6M. I will let you know how that works out -- hopefully very smoothly.
I am guessing it (the scraper) would free up 5-10 hp." 10 sounds a little high to me but hey, you never know. If it works for the 6m, it should work for the 7mgte right? That would be a nice instant bolt on mod for all you boost freaks. eh? :wink: C'maaaaan you know you want one.
This topic has come up a good bit on the Mk1 MR2 forums. Like the Mk2 Supra, the aftermarket support for the Mk1 MR2 comes mainly from people who are enthusiasts/owners. As such, the parts are highly scrutinized before widespread acceptance.

On the Mk1 MR2 forum, the debate over the claims for the crank scrapers met with a bit of speculation and a lot of keyboard racing :]
In the end, at least two respected engine builders have said it is a worthwhile mod, especially if building up a motor. After seeing the results of one builder's work in particular, I am apt to take his word on it.

I also saw two dyno plots that both indicated a hp improvement on the 4A-GE: one was + 4 hp at ~110 whp level; the other was + 7 hp at ~ 155 whp level.

My opinion is that this makes it a worthwhile mod, considering the obvious oiling benefits as well. I'm happy to see that they are adding the M engines to their list; as of a few months ago they had not yet found any for testing. From what I've gathered elsewhere, the guys who make these are Toyota enthusiasts as well, so that makes it even sweeter!

I know that they have run Group Buys in the past in the $35-40 range; perhaps with enough interest, they'd do one for the 5/6/7M.


Jimi B
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wouldn't your car get worse oiling? i mean all that oil swirling around the crankshaft should help lubrication i mean i'd think the rods hitting the oil in the air and getting into the little oil holes and stuff would help ALOT!
supraman said:
I know that they have run Group Buys in the past in the $35-40 range; perhaps with enough interest, they'd do one for the 5/6/7M.
I actually mentioned the possiblility of a group buy in my email to Kevin. I told him I would gauge interest and let him know when the results are back (from the trial scraper). I will keep you guys posted.
I'd be interested in one for my 7m. The 6m should basically just be a 5m with a little extra metal shaved off for the longer 6m stroke. And since the 7m and 6m use the same crank, they should be interchangeable (only difference would be oil pump. dont know if it would cause any interference probs, tho). Let me know what the deally is.

One thought. SHould one of these for a 7mgte have some drain holes drilled along it, to let the oil that gets squirted by the oil squirters return to the pan?

I'd be in for a group buy for a 5m one as long as it was $35-40 + shipping
me too. Assuming these things don't cause any actual oil starvation problems.
quite the opposite... they prevent oil starvation, assuming the engines oiling system was properly designed.
the only engines i can think of that use splash oiling are single cylinder lawnmowers, where the crank dips into the oil to spread it around.

the scraper is designed to keep more oil in the pan, and if used with a windage tray, can make a huge difference in tests.
dogstar is right about the splash oiling. And if you are worried about your oiling system not performing like it should, put some marvel mystery oil or atf in next time you change your oil. This will help clear up chummy oil passages that can cause starvation.
Sounds good to me. So who wants to take the iniative and set up a little group buy for these? I would but I'm STILL working on that stupid leather buy and have many other things on the go. The gains sound great but I still don't want to spend 50bucks US for a stamped piece of sheet metal.
Let's wait until we get a green light from Kevin for the 6M/7M scraper. Then we'll post a poll in the GB forum. I don't think I'd be able to run a GB until summer. (school is kicking my ass right now!) But I definately want to see this happen within the next month or so. I will ask Kevin if it can be a 5M/6M/7M buy. Stay tuned folks.
All that work for a few HP. :) I'd rather have that extra oil splashing around for extra lubrication and heat dispersement.
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