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What size wheel would you agree with? (please read modified post #1)

  • 16x8

    Votes: 22 20.4%
  • 16x9

    Votes: 17 15.7%
  • 17x8

    Votes: 19 17.6%
  • 17x9

    Votes: 12 11.1%
  • 17x9.5+

    Votes: 21 19.4%
  • 18x (anything)

    Votes: 2 1.9%
  • No thanks on the one piece, I just want modular centers, and I'll provision my own hoops

    Votes: 15 13.9%

Crazy P-Type thread

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(UPDATE 3/06/2010) I have added a poll to this thread to try and get a better idea of what kind of sizes people have going through their heads when this "dream" is passing through. PLEASE NOTE, this is only for speculation, as I would like to know if there is a common place that most of us could agree on before I delve into any wheel revisions and modifications. For now, I would like to keep the offsets out of the picture, until some overall dimensions can be invisioned. I have not allowed for multiple answers to be given. It should be invisioned that these sizes will correlate to a ONE PIECE WHEEL, the same for front and rear. Staggered fittment is not in the picture, as it would create double the expense needed for two molds, and so it is out of the question. The only exception to this would be the last choice, where as it would only be the center of modular style 3 piece wheel (most likely a 15 or 16" center). I am doing this just so that when I start to revise designs, I try to have a common interest being employed in what you all will see. Thank you, -Mike END OF UPDATE

Don't anyone get excited. I don't think the p-types will ever be made aftermarket in any larger sizes...ever. But that doesn't mean we can’t dream and drool over them!!! :)

I have been toying with making a model of a larger wheel for the last few days while I have time (Just took four tests in a week, and now have some relax time!)
I thought it would be cool to post up what I have created so far.

Original model:

Revamped with a few more touches:

Graphite spoke faces:

One for the haters :)

General model:

I have plans to do alot of different things with this wheel, but I am also already working on designs that will sort of morph the design of the p-type with some other more modern design styles, such as the Volk/Rays TE37 and Simmons. Let me know what you think might be something cool, and if I have the time I'll try to model it if I also think it would be neat. Thanks for looking, -Mike.

MODS- Please feel free to move this to the Wheels / Toilet Threads if you feel necessary :p
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Drooling over the black and red one, it's sooo freaking sexy. I'm very picky with wheels but those really rock my socks....if anybody produces these I would buy one in a heartbeat.
I this projet is getting serious i'm a serious buyer. This is a very nice wheel updated that fusion mix old and new wheel design, that is a very good idea.
black/red one would look HOT on a black or red/black panda car
lets see a stepped lip please
double please, step it at the front edge of the spokes.
How concave do you want the face with the step lip (i.e. how much lip do you want before the step)?
2.5" or there about?

Billy and Greg: I assume you don't want the lip as steep as this quick model I made; would you like the step more perpendicular to the lip? This model is a 45 degree step, 18x10 0mm offset with 2.5 inch lip and a 16" "face."


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I don't know anything about design/drawing....but if I miraculously found someone who could make these wheels (and do a small run)..could you or anyone on this forum hand over 'plans' that they can then use as a basis for manufacturing?
Anyone using PRO-E / SOLIDWORKS or the like could send the model file to a company. Someone else would have to create the tool path program for creating the wheel, but the model can easily be transfered. Keep in mind that I don't know all the rules and regulations of wheel construction. I know where to take the basic dimentions from, but as for the bead mating surface clearances, material optimal thickness, ect.... I'm not 100%
I'm more concerned with the actual design....all the tech specs etc would be set by the mfgr I'm sure.
Step lip a bit more perpendicular to the wheel lip. Are you sure you want to see the face of the wheel start right at the edge of the step? It's starting to look more like a reverse lip now. If the face is lowerd more past the step, it will be more noticable as a step, but it will also loose almost all of it's concavity, and look more like a flat 15" l-type center....
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Here we go again! :laugh:

The bigger & better stock rim dream lives on...
To machine a 17x9.0 wheel out of billet it would have to be 11" thick and 19" in diameter. That's ~3117 in^3.

The density of aluminum is 0.098 lb/in^3. So the total weight would be 305lb.

The cost of aluminum is $0.90/lb. That's ~$274 per wheel just for the material.:32:

I wonder how much the machining would cost? Aluminum is soft and not too hard on tooling, but the time on the machine?
Wow, I like the step lip style more than the reverse, I would have never thought I would have if I didn't model it:

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