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Cressida to Supra motor swap

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I'm trying to put a motor from a Cressida into my 82 MKII. The only thing I need is the color codes on the wiring harness from the Cressida. If anyone can help with that please let me know @ [email protected]. Thanks.
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the engine should just bolt in place of your old one shouldn't it? unless you have a 5m-e.
its just a mechanical swap, there is no wiring changes. Just swap the block and head, most of the bolt ons are different. A highcomp 5mge runs just fine in an 82 supra with stock and unaltered efi system.
If you can, since you are considering a swap, might as well install a 7mgte.
Or get a low klm 5mge and mod it with Rabid Chimp! 8)
tps is different, distributer is different, intake manifold and exhaust manifolds are different.
use cressida manifolds and swap tps inc throttle body over
and distributer
will need to modify the front pipe of the exhaust to mate up to cressida manifold
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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