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Crower cam regrinds

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Has anyone ever used Crower's import cam regrind service?
They offer 6 levels of performance( the first 3 would probably work without major computer/fuel control changes)
I haven't had a chance to call them yet to check out what is involved besides providing them with cores.
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williamb82 said:
well, i have done the 7mgte swap. when i get all the stuff from the wrecked red 84 into the new black 84, ill start building the high compression 6m for my blue 85. i already have 3 40mm dcoe webers, tri-mil 6-1 header, p&p head, gude cams, etc.. i figure between 250-300rwhp with ~11:1 compression. should be fun with the 4.30lsd from the black car as it will be getting a 3.727 with true trac. no motor will get the maximum benifit from upgraded cam(s) without proper supporting mods. i think that silvermk11's 6m would have run alot better if he had a slightly bigger plenum and ~70-75mm tb. also, a higher redline would have helped alot as well. he said it was still pulling pretty good at redline.
I'll eat my hat if all that work gets you 200rwhp... :wink:
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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