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Crower cam regrinds

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Has anyone ever used Crower's import cam regrind service?
They offer 6 levels of performance( the first 3 would probably work without major computer/fuel control changes)
I haven't had a chance to call them yet to check out what is involved besides providing them with cores.
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thats because the cams make most of their power in the upper rpm range and the ecu limits the revs to ~6500rpm. im anxious to see how much power i will make on the 6m with tripple webbers and the gude cams. since it can rev as high as i want it should work pretty well.
well, i have done the 7mgte swap. when i get all the stuff from the wrecked red 84 into the new black 84, ill start building the high compression 6m for my blue 85. i already have 3 40mm dcoe webers, tri-mil 6-1 header, p&p head, gude cams, etc.. i figure between 250-300rwhp with ~11:1 compression. should be fun with the 4.30lsd from the black car as it will be getting a 3.727 with true trac. no motor will get the maximum benifit from upgraded cam(s) without proper supporting mods. i think that silvermk11's 6m would have run alot better if he had a slightly bigger plenum and ~70-75mm tb. also, a higher redline would have helped alot as well. he said it was still pulling pretty good at redline.
yup, ill find out. hopefully it will hold it. i want to spin ~8krpm's :twisted:
well, 200rwhp has been done from a 6m with less compression and less breathing. the webers will breath much better then the stock intake with 62mm tb and 210cc/min injectors. i honestly dont think 250rwhp will be that hard, although the gas mileage is really gonna suck im sure. this isnt gonna be a daily driver. it will most likely get gutted as well. should be a fun car nonetheless.
sloopercat said:
Best of luck to you. For 1/4 the money and 1/10 the hassle you could have a docile driver with the same HP.

for 1/4 the money? you guys dont realize just how little this is gonna cost me. the trimil i got for $50, the webers came on a cannon intake from my friend for $300 for the whole setup cause they needed to be rebuilt, ,i sold the manifold alone for $250, then spent ~$150 for the stuff to rebuild the carbs.(so ~$200 for 3 40mm weber dcoe's with velocity stacks) then the 82 distributor, ignitor, and coil ran me $20 at the bone yard. i have a few blocks, ,a 7m crank and rods, 5m pistons but will prolly get custom forged so it will still be non interference and i can install a direct port wet system later if i wish. i have the kevlar disc from my 7mgte as im going with a 4 puck ceramic on it. i paid $150 for the gude cams with towers and the head was p&p for free. this isnt gonna cost all that much. prolly around a normal rebuild. i really just need to build the intake manifold and get the linkage sorted out then maybe ill start putting a 6m together with the parts i have in storage. im not in a big rush to build it and i always keep my eye open for good deals. i have the stuff to do it and have never seen it done and it sounds like hella fun so im doing it. im also thinking of turboing the current 5m thats in the blue car and useing the air-water i/c i have from my friends alltrac. with a stock ct26 with 3in elbow and ~1foot of distance between the turbo outlet and tb it should be almost instant spoolup.
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