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Crower cam regrinds

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Has anyone ever used Crower's import cam regrind service?
They offer 6 levels of performance( the first 3 would probably work without major computer/fuel control changes)
I haven't had a chance to call them yet to check out what is involved besides providing them with cores.
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I have not seen anyone claim performance improvements from non-stock cams. I think you are wasting your money. A lot of folks that have tried, have gone back to stock.
Good point, if you think the cams will work on their own, they probably won't gain anything. In fact you might lose low end torque and drivability.

Cheapest and easiest way to more power on a 5MGE is a low boost turbo. And yes, I have beat the NA drum before. I have since seen the light.
I'll eat my hat if all that work gets you 200rwhp... :x-mas:

I'd eat that guys hat too...
Best of luck to you. For 1/4 the money and 1/10 the hassle you could have a docile driver with the same HP.
Good thing I installed the strut brace between the towers. :p

I meant it when I said best of luck. Should be an interesting project.
Getting back to the original topic, just getting cams is not going to gain much. For us mere mortals, the cost and complexity of what you are trying to do intrigues us.

I really hope it works. Not many of us willing to devote the time and energy for such a project.
1 - 6 of 18 Posts
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