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fmrsupra said:
I have a '92 Jeep Cherokee, it has the H.O. 4.0 litre inline six. That thing is surprisingly fast...would definitely take a stock mk2. I have it running perfect though and it's slightly tuned up, I frequently search out Hondas at stoplights, alot of other cars too. They never see me coming, see me going though afer a hard bark of the's an automatic too, that's just from flooring it. I'm sure it's above 16 seconds in the quarter but to about 70 mph, it really accelerates hard.

there's a difference in that inline6 though. you really can't compare it to other engines based on the numbers alone. it makes 90% of it's max torque AT IDLE. when I'm on the highway in my moms 99 grand cherokee, doing about 110 or so, and i jump out to pass someone and floor it, the tranny shifts down so hard you think somethings wrong with it. they are VERY VERY torquey low-rev engines. that's why they have a 5k rpm redline.
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