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I think that you should start a CSdotCOM shop....u know...some t's hats, decals, mugs(lol), can cozzy's(lmao) stuff like that....i think it'd do great.
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Well I'd buy me a shirt for sure (make me medium cuz I like tight shirts). Then I also may have to look into the thong for my girl, lol. jk

And one thing you guys left out that we need... BUMPER/WINDOW STICKERS.

I dunno if you guys remember the old "Supra Club" Window stickers. I've got one on mine and I've seen some of you do too, but I'd love to replace that with a sticker.

And a suggestion for the shirt, I mean the logo is cool and all.. but a real mkii Supra with color instead of just an outline and 3d instead of 2d... that would be kick azz.
1 - 1 of 33 Posts
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