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Yesterday some of you may have noticed the site was down for roughly an hour or so. It was not a bandwidth issue.

Evidently several sites in the IP address range of were having DNS routing issues for about an hour last night. I contacted the the webhosting company and the error we experienced with and the forum was not at all bandwidth related. Here is the explanation I was given:

"The problem you may be having viewing that site is not bandwidth. While that account is allocated 20GB, we actually have it set to 30GB for you. domain is registered with Network Solutions. We have had several clients in the last few days with intermittent DNS resolving problems. From what we could determine, Network Solutions was or are experiencing some database issues.

While many people are unaware such things can happen, this does happen sometimes with a Registrar.

While the site may appear down for you at your location, we can see it from several locations. Generally Registrars resolve these matters quickly."
Have a good Halloween everyone.

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I noticed was down for a little while yesterday/last night, I guess I'm still used to the old host and didn't give a wee hour or two much thought. :mrgreen:

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