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Name: Alex Lindner
screen name: glmomp

Year: 1982
Model: L-Type
Mileage: 220,000
Engine: 5M-GTE
Transmission: W58
Location: Ohio


Engine and Transmission

-Rabid Chimp:
Turbo kit
FMIC 2/black powder coated hardpipes
3" exhaust and downpipe w/Dynatech race muffler
Modified oil pain w/turbo oil line bung
Oil and coolant lines
Flex-a-Lite #210 dual electric fan setup (used TSC instructions, thanks Wes!)
Walbro 255lph fuel pump
Hose Techniques silicone couplers
Remanufactured radiator
Greddy RS blow off valve
Trans-Dapt oil filter relocation kit
Amsoil oil filter and 10w-40 motor oil
Custom fuel lines by my dad and I
Refurnished fuel tank
Assorted -AN lines and fittings
SPEC stage 2+ clutch
SPEC flywheel
Technafit braided clutch line
Suspension and Running Gear
Tokico shocks/struts
Eibach 1" lowering springs
Addco front and rear sway bars
KVR drilled brake rotors
Custom brake lines by my dad and I
Technafit braided brake lines
OEM calipers
Powder coated P-Type wheels
Yokohama tires
Autometer Phantom boost gauge
Innovate LC-1 lambda wideband controller
Bosch wideband O2 sensor
Blue Innovate DB wideband gauge
Lotek gauge pod
JVC CD player
Kenwood speakers
Body, Interior and Restoration
Quarter panel replacement by Farris Frame Restoration (
Paint and restoration work by Eastside Custom (
Reupholstered seats by Jim's Trim Shop of Whitehall, OH


My father and I bought this 1982 L-Type in 2004 from one of our neighbors. I was passing by on my bike and I happened to notice an oddly-shaped car sitting in their driveway, a car that I had never seen before. Upon further inspection, I discovered that the car had "SUPRA" on the emblems, and from that moment on, I knew I had to have it. I jokingly said to the woman "If you're ever going to sell this car, just let me know." We had a laugh over it, and I was on my way.

Well, half a year or so passed, and I had forgotten about the old Supra. One day I heard the phone ring, and my mother picked it up. I heard her talking for a few moments, laugh a couple of times, and then hang up the phone. It was nothing out of the ordinary, or so I thought. She then yelled to me "Alex, they're selling the Supra." I ran from whatever I was doing, and pedaled as fast as I could over to their house.

I arrived to see the old Supra there sitting in all its glory. I grinned at my neighbors, and then asked "So, how much do you guys want for it?" A price of $750 was set on the car, and another quick bike ride was in order to see if we could buy the car. Much to my surprise, my dad seemed interested in the car, and a few days later, we went back for a test drive. My dad was taken by the car, and we paid the neighbors the $750 they were asking for the car and took it home.

Over the past five years, this car has served multiple purposes. It has been a project to save an automotive legend. It has been a project to learn more about turbocharging. It has been a restoration project. However, most importantly in my opinion, it has been the best father-son experience that I could have possibly asked for. My dad and I have learned so much with this car, and it has been the best bonding experience that I could have asked for. My father will not be around forever, and I have no plans of getting rid of this car. It will serve as a reminder and a memento of the good times that he and I have shared working, laughing, and having good times together. I hope that, in some years, I will be able to hand this car down to my kid and they will have the same appreciation and love for it that I do.

That's it for the story of my car. I have many other plans and goals for this car, and hopefully I will be able to implement them in the future.

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Great choice for CSOTM! I think we all have followed the transformation over the last couple of years. Congrats to Alex.

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quote Damon (turbomk1) "your problem is you made it too clean, if you would just smuge some dirt on it, it would probly run".

hes talking about my motor/car.

i should of did the dirty to bling method insted of the bling to dirtly-less bling, to fix everything then re-bling. :duh::duh::duh: gotta love it.

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Thanks everyone! An engine detail is in order soon. I'm glad everyone likes the car and the story behind it. It's been quite a ride with this car over the past few years, and I never would have imagined when I first got it that it would have come out like this. Thanks everyone for putting up with me over the past years! :)

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Congrats Alex.

QS mk2 is hawt.

Gotta do up that engine bay now :)

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I spy an LC-1 condom?

Haha, well done, and a great story behind it...

You're the reason I need a L-type, by the way...

Thanks Billy! I'm really glad that I used the Innovate electronics on this car, it's really good stuff. You're looking to come over to the narrowbody dark side? ;)

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very nice Alex! Love silver supras and I got to say I want an L-Type kinda.

Keep it up buddy.

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