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custom bumper in the works new pic

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what ya think?

i may lower it a little so i can use the stock fog lamps and indicators, this would leave the lip very close to the road however.
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Hey, doesn't the handbrake work???? [looks at emergency brake under right front wheel] :)

Looks good, though.
hmm, only if your putting a huge FMIC in there...
otherwise i think the big gaping hole will look outa place, also kind of rounded for our cars, but you know what, thats just my opinion.

if you like it, do it right and show PICS :D
yeah, putting a lexus v8 in there next year, may turbo it but not for awhile
probably mesh up the main gap that you see.
extra cooling while running the 8 will be better too.
1st thought, looks like a MkIII part (I guess because it had the blocky but rounded look). I agee in need a large intercooler, otherwise its kinda... yeah :roll:
uummm..... just my thoughts on the matter...

do you actually want the car to even resemble a mk2 when you're finished? or are you trying to make the front look like an abomination of a skyline?

maybe using the very bottom of it as a lip to attach to your factory front would be alright, but i think that skirt is a little overboard
not diggin it
if the front hole was bit smaller, and if the body kit its self was a bit more boxy it might work. Other wise its going to look like Ms Piggy :piggy: ..........ooops I mean a mk3 :wink: :piggy: :rotfl:
i don't like it, i'd love to have just the lowest part on mine though. got any pics of it installed and painted yet?
I Dont like it, I think he bought the wrong bumper and its too expensive to ship it back so hes trying to mod it.
Got bored photochopped it.
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Now that looks hot. Be nice if someone made a body kit with a front like that. Kinda reminds me of a eclipse though :?
yeh looks like crap! if i seen a supra like that i would vandalize the front bumper!! keep it 80z no need for rice conversion i think this guy plays need for speed underground a lil 2 much?!?! :drinking:
I dunno, with an intercooler it would look fine to me (I'm a fan of the more original look though)

So, this is an old thread, we have an update from the original poster? Did ya do it deaf_rattle?
it looks alright... only problem is then you need to do side skirts that match, and a rear bumper, unless you like the civic look.
personally, i think it looks like ass if you only do a front bumper conversion.
i think it would look pretty cool if you got the rest of the kit on it and a goodp aint job. i just like it cause it would be totally custom and a good challege update us with more pics.
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