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Custom Fiberglass Sub BOx

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Anyone ever made a fiberglass sub box in our cars? I have an infinity perfect 12" sub in a ported box right now with my RF 1400 amp, I am wanting to go to 2 subs. Besides the fiberglass boxes look so clean and would add to the interior. Any thought or experience would help.

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i havent made a sub box, but ive done some fiberglassing...

its either tons of fun, or F**king annoying, depending on your personality.

its not easy, but its rewarding, when you can design a box to fit PERFECTly (lol, bad pun ;)) in that lil space youve got in a corner or something.
i'd like a pair of fibreglass door speaker pods, please :wink:
300 dollars please :)
I was gonna get one done for my car but it would of been too expensive, so i just went for a regular box with 2 12' in it, a custom box would have looked way better but the hell with it I saved quite a bit of money my box only cost me 30 bucks, compared to a custom box.
I'm going to be working on door pods very soon....

I am going to be having mine done in about 2-4 months (whenever i get the cash) Im having custom fiberglass panels being done with 2 JL Audion 12's in them. And then in the center is gona be the amp mounted in the floor with glass over top and the SUPRA logo etched into it. Im hoping that they could reenforce the plywood and anchor it all to the floor so incase I might need it I can access the spare. Ill let you know how it goes
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