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Custom rear axles - feeler for interest

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I've cracked 3 rear hub/axles while endurance racing, and know of a few other Supra owners with the same problem. The failure point seems to be the e-brake access hole and then a crack radiates to the center of the hub.

I've spoken with 2 friends who are machinists and they both mentioned that the radius of certain areas is not up to the stresses of racing or high power levels. I asked about creating a solution and the best answer was billet Chromoly replicas with updated radiusing where necessary.

The first drawing is below and includes (4) and (5)-lug options. The machinist mentioned that the lug and e-brake access holes would be the last stage of production and could be different on each (I don't use an e-brake, and will be using 5-lug wheels on a new project).

At this time I have no idea on price, but the more sets that are made will result in lower price for all. The reality is that they will be expensive ($1200-1500 set?). A few people in my race thread have expressed interest and I wanted to capture a bigger audience here.
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Just saw this, you know I'm interested having broken one on my MX73, Like you said, lost revenue of track time and worse, damage to the car or injury that you can't put a price on.
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