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Damage to Starter?

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I just noticed that when I last changed my starter, I damaged the plastic piece where the small starter wire clicks in the TERMINAL 50 on the starter. And now it doesn't click :!: anymore :? I wish I had a digital multi meter or some SST plunger tool to do a PERFORMANCE TEST OF STARTER in TSRM. :x

But I just wanted to know if this could possibly be why the starter makes that clicking noise every time I turn the ignition? Bad contacts maybe? It still goes in all the way but doesn't click into it anymore. Maybe it needs some pressure on the contacts:?:

But it could also be I didn't splice that little starter wire that clicks into terminal 50 correctly. I just swapped a 84 5m into an 82. And the 84 harness was missing that piece that appeared on the 82 harness. So I copied everything on the 82 harness for the little starter wire to the COLD START INJECTOR, START INJECTOR TIME SWITCH an ECU terminal STA. So it could be either or. But I really wanted to know if its possible that just because the lil starter wire doesn't CLICK! into Terminal 50 is why its making the clicking when I try to start it :?:
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:scratch: :screwy:

This sounds like a job for "WIRING DIAGRAMS!!!"

I might be able to get a quick sketch on the starter diagrams for an 82 out of my friends TSRM but it will take a couple of days...

If your doing the swap I bet you may already have the diagram eh?? Can you put a test light in between terminal 50 and your new wire? Does it come on when you hit the key? If you need to you could run a new wire right from the "ST" ignition terminal directly to the starter to bypass the neutral switch or the clutch switch. Actually ... did you hook up the neutral or clutch switch??? That would definatly cause a problem like this.

OK, chew on that for a while.
teehee i can turn my car on without pressing the clutch. i thot that was normal for older cars but i guess not lols
I'm not sure if it does have a clutch switch??? Still worth checking for ... again, I'll try to get the wiring diagram.
clutch start switch?

Yeah, I was wondering about that CLUTCH SWITCH? I just met a neighbor who's got an 84 Ptype + TSRM he lent me yesterday. But his 84 doesn't have to push the clutch in to start it.

Maybe it was just taken off? If you could get that 82 TSRM ifo that would be great :D. As soon as I can afford1, I'm gettin one of those, actually 2, an 82+84TSRM.

But I asked the guy w/84ptype how it sounds when I try & start it. And he says the clicking noise sounds like when his solenoid when out. So I"m curious I have set it up right, just the contact on the lil click switch maybe :?

Our MKI's & MKII's DO NOT have a clutch safety switch!!! So yes, ours can be started w/ the clutch pedal out. This feature didn't come until the MKIII's.

But yes, if you look up underneath the dash, there is a little button switch thing next to the pedal lever. All that does, is cancel/disengage the Cruise Control if you have it engaged. Tap the brake pedal or clutch pedal, or hit cancel if you have a 82 or 83 & the CC disengages.

Hey thanks for that info Chris, I think that means I get to add AUTO START now :dancin: . I always thought that was for automatics only :?

As soon as I get the money I think I wanna rebuilt starter anyways. It may just solve the problem :roll:
Auto start is nice to have, BUT... it also depends on who is installing this feature, esp on a manual tranny. If you're doing it, then no probs. If a shop is doing it, then some places will do it, some won't.. Main problem is liability issues if you try to start the car while it's still in gear. One other minor thing to remember, especially if you are parked on a hill.
good thought

Hey Chris, thats a good thought, the uphill thing and keeping it in neutral all the time might sound like a risky thing. I think I like that :rockon:

Also want to get the AUTO-LOC shaved door handle kit w/50lb solenoids, poppers, and the 7 channel alarm system and add the auto start onto that. As well as a trunk switch, its already shaved :crazyeye:
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