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Hope you can see this pic, my 84 JDM in the 82 P. Polished valve covers. No throttle body in the pic. Everythings back on now. I had to start over on a new album :x

engine PICS

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cant see nothing it says that the album is empty or not accesble
Re:Thanks Zank

Startin my first pic web, hope it works out, I'll add to it often.
Zank has been very helpful :D as well as some others too 8)
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Very nice, I can see them now :p 8)

your welcome :wink: 8)
Next Major Project

Well now that I have the major engine swap done. Next is a dash coming on the way right now, then the right door+fender+ 84+F&R bumper. Most of the body is prepped already. But you MKII fellas already know how it goes, the list is endless :shock:

I may seem crazy doing these projects. But they teach me allot and I'm using it as some training before making it a career in AUTO or BODY. Can't decide yet :x

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:shock: Ahhhh! Brings back memories from the time I replaced my heater core on my last 85".

I'm almost done with my valve cover polishing project

At this point I'm debating weather to try to polish up around the letters a bit better or just paint the valleys

like Supra GTR

or if I like the way yours looks better...

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See this one

Honestly you have done a better job, your pics too. But if you notice here. You can see the rough lines. I stopped at around 220 grit, and noticed it looked cool w/sanding in straight lines. I like the brightness it brings out even w/out being so smooth. And rough sanded inside the head to bring it out some too. Maybe later finer sand paper and a dremel or die grinder w/somethin like Brasso and make it look like yours :D

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